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What is Moderated Live Chat?
Live chat is like a cross between e-mail and a radio phone-in, where you have the chance to put your questions to the young actors at Actors Domain. It couldn't be simpler! When you submit a question for the young actor(s) it is sent to the moderator team in the live chat. The team then makes a selection from all the questions that have come in, and the best ones are answered by the young actor(s). As the questions are answered the responses appear on your PC screen for you to read. You can then carry on asking questions throughout the chat or, if you prefer, just sit back and watch.

How do I send a question?
Just type your question in the box at the bottom of the screen. e.g. What is your favorite novel? Then just press the [Enter] or [Return] key on your keyboard. Your question is then sent to the moderators for consideration.

Why isn't my question getting answered?
There could be hundreds of other people in the chat asking questions too. There isn't time to answer all the questions. All the questions that are asked are sent to the moderator team, who select the best ones and pass them on to the young actor(s). Try and keep your question(s) short and to the point, this will make it easier for the actor(s) to answer.

Why can't I talk to the other people in the audience?
To keep things organized only the moderators and young actor(s) are allowed to talk to everyone. If everyone in the audience could chat to each other, chaos would reign. But don't worry. The moderation team can see your questions even though the other people in the audience can't. You can only talk to other people if it is an open chat room.

What's wrong? Nothing is happening in the chat window!
Sometimes after joining the moderated live chat you may find that it takes a few seconds, or even a minute or two, for you to see anything. This is because you will only be able to see questions and responses sent after you have joined. Before you entered we may have announced that the guest is taking a minute long break, or a very long question has been asked which is taking the guest a minute or two to consider before responding. Please be patient.

I missed some of the chat, what do I do?
After the moderated live chat is finished, a complete transcript will be available for everyone to read from the main Chat section.  It may take a day for this transcript to appear while the moderation team correctly formats it.

Click "Chat," in the menu bar, to return to the main chat menu.


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