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    On Being A Veteran At Age 17
People consider me a "veteran"
   because I have been acting for so
   long.  Actually in my mind I really,
   truly started "acting" when I was
   about 12-13, prior to then I was
   just having fun.  But when I started
   to get into the more dramatic roles
   and more complex situations I
   started to think about what I was
     - Michael Angarano
    On Being A Part Of Dogtown
It's about 15 guys skating around
   with long hair, in 70's clothing, with
   not a care in the world...basically,
   everything you think it would be, it
   was.  It was an amazing set and
   experience to be a part of.
     - Michael Angarano
    On Filming Black Irish
Filming "Black Irish" was pretty
   tough.  We were in a very hot and
   humid Boston in July.  Very
   ambitious schedule.  It was
   probably the toughest shoot I've
   been on, but I think its going to
   pay off big time.
     - Michael Angarano


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