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Questions?   Problems?  Wondering how to do something?  Read through this Tip's and FAQs sheet to find the answer!

The Java Chat Clients Actors Domain uses does not offer many selections to the end user.  All options for the chat are set when you enter the Actors Domain chat communities.

The Chat Room/Conversation List

The left hand bottom of your chat screen will look something similar to the above graphic.  Public chats, or the chat room you have automatically joined, are displayed on the "Public Chat" line.  Private conversations you are having with people in the chat room are displayed on the "Private Chats" line.  To alternate between chats, just click the appropriate chat box.

You will notice that the current selection you are on, or typing in, is a dark blue color (in the image above, this is the public chat "#KidActors").  Selections which are active, but have no activity are light blue (in the image above, this is the Private Chats with "roo" and "Mite").  Selections in red are chats which have activity in them which have been typed since you last looked in that chat (in the image above, this is the Private Chat with "Tim").

The User List

On the right of your screen shows the userlist.  Those users which have an "@" before their names are chat administrators, moderators, and celebrities.  Users without this symbol are simply normal users.

The "X" in the upper corner of the screen will exit the current chat screen you are in.  Don't exit out of the "#KidActors" chat, or you will need to close your browser and log back in.  Do use this "X" to end Private Conversations with other chatters.

The Disconnect Button

By clicking the "Disconnect" button in the upper left corner of your screen, you will be disconnected from the Actors Domain Chat Communities.  You can also close your browser window to disconnect from the chat.

Below the "Disconnect" button is the description line of the Public Chat or Private Chat you are currently in.

Changing Your Nickname

In the lower right corner of your screen you can change your nickname.  Simply type the nickname you wish to use in this space, then hit "Enter" on your keyboard.  Your nickname will then be changed.

What does @ by a nickname mean?
Nicknames who have an @ symbol by their name are system moderators and administrators.

Can I browse to other sites with the browser window I used to log in to the chat?
Yes.  You can even close your original browser window without disconnecting from the chat.

Can I send files to other users with the chat program?
No.  Actors Domain does not support file transfer within the chat program.

Can I create my own room?
Actors Domain does not allow people to create their own rooms.  Please use the rooms that we have supplied.

How long should it take to load the chat program?
This varies depending on your internet connection.  If you have a modem, your wait will be between 1 and 2 minutes.  This long delay should only happen the first time you login.

I'm typing, but nothing is displaying on the screen when I press enter or click send!
You are in a moderated room.  Messages you type will only be displayed to the moderators in the room.  The Moderators can then select your message to be displayed to everyone in the room, forward it to a celebrity for them to answer and display to the room, or privately message you.   Please read the Moderated Chat Help Guide for more information.

How can I private message someone?
Simply double click their name in the User List, then use the pop-up window provided.  Switch between conversations with the buttons on the bottom of your screen.

How do I change my nickname?
Simply type /nick newnickname (for example, /nick RoxMySox), or use the change nickname box in the lower right corner of your screen.

Registering your Nickname
Actors Domain no longer supports nickname registration.

Chat Commands (all commands start with a "/" forward slash)
  /nick newnick (changes your nickname)
  /me action (performs an action, such as "RoxMySox will brb." Play with this

Still have questions?  Message a channel @ moderator or @ administrator

Click "Chat," in the menu bar, to return to the main chat menu.


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